QA: Challenge Accepted - a software testing conference from professionals for professionals


QA: Challenge Accepted is a conference targeted towards enthusiasts, specialists and managers participating in software testing and software quality assurance. The event is initiated by the QA community in Bulgaria - for professionals from professionals.
The seventh conference edition will take place in Sofia Tech Park, as well as online.
You are invited.

Date: 2 Oct 2021 (Saturday)

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

What to expect

John Atanasoff Forum, Sofia Tech Park, Sofia, Bulgaria
What to expect from QA: Challenge Accepted

Single conference track means that you will be able to attend all of the lectures without having to worry that you can miss something interesting. Everything happens in the main hall. Still, there are plenty of other things to do around.

Distinguished speakers and topics are carefully chosen by the organizing commitee. Some of the best professionals in the sector will present interesting and actual problems in QA (as well as their solutions) with real, practical usage.

Work & fun combined means exactly that! It has been proven that people learn better when they have fun. Thus, besides the technical part of the conference you can expect interesting games and raffles, awards and surprises, and many more.

Afterparty will be held immediately after the official closing of the conference, so reserve some time for a few beers, joyful conversations and endless opportunities for networking. You definitely don't want to miss it.

A short video from the last year's edition:


Online only ticket

Online only ticket

Access to the conference online streaming only
Participate from any location
Upgrade anytime to full ticket*

* Subject of availability

69 BGN

Full online and onsite ticket

Full pass ticket

Choose whether to go online or onsite. Only 100 early bug tickets!
Onsite: all the surprises, catering, free lunch, presents and afterparty
Online: presents, merchandise and treats shipped anywhere in the EU after the event
209 BGN

Q: What about COVID-19?
A: We did it in 2020. We will do it in 2021, too. We are much better prepared now and already consider all the options: inside, outside and even entirely online event if needed. Anyway, we see Europe reopening in the summer and are optimists about the event.

Q: What if I buy a full ticket and cannot come onsite?
A: You will be able to participate online, and we will also deliver all the conference swag and presents to you anywhere in the EU. We had many logistic problems with our friends and colleagues from Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, so if you are located there, we advise you to purchase the online ticket and upgrade just before the event.

Q: Can I get a refund if needed?
A: Yes, our cancellation policy for tickets is as follows (no matter the reason):
95% of the amount paid back when refund is requested before September 1st.
50% of the amount paid back when refund is requested between September 1st and September 15th.
No refund if you decide to cancel on September 16th or later.

Q: Can I get a discount?
A: Yes, discount is automatically applied when you buy more tickets in the same order. You can also enter a promo code or your QA: Challenge Accepted Club card id to get a discount. If you want discount for combined online and onsite tickets, or really big order, just drop us an email. The address is just below.

Q: I have an online ticket. Can I upgrade to full ticket?
A: Yes, as long as it is before September 16th, and we have seats remaining. Drop us an email and we will tell you what to do. The address is just below.

Q: I have an additional question.
A: And we are happy to answer it. Write to for more information.

Additional opportunities

There are plenty of other ways to contribute to the event. Here are some of them:

Vote for talks

The conference organizers have 34 proposals to choose from. And you can influence their choice by voting for your most and least favorite topics. Spend a couple of minutes, and vote for the best talks in your opinion.

Become a speaker

Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer

If you want to infiltrate the conference organization, the best way to do that is by becoming a volunteer. You will become part of the QA: Challenge Accepted awesome team. Both Bulgarian and English knowledge are required, as well as being motivated, a fast-learner, a hard-worker, solution-oriented, a great team-player with excellent communication skills, and all the other clichés written in the job ads. You also need to be based in Sofia, Bulgaria, as we have several preliminary meetings.

Nominate a QA of the Year

If you believe there is someone who really deserves to become QA of the Year because they have caught an important bug, improved the testing process, or contributed to the QA community with their actions, you can nominate them for the QA of the Year award. We are checking every nomination in detail, and that is why we are still limiting the award to people who are based in Bulgaria.

Nominate someone for the QA of the Year award

Q: What if I want to become an event sponsor?
A: Write to

Q: What if I have another cool idea?
A: Share it at


Q: Where is the conference agenda? What the talks and speakers will be?
A: The conference agenda will be announced on August 20th. At the moment you can apply to become a speaker or subscribe for conference news:

Later on you will be able to vote for a talk. Here is a roadmap of our plans:


1 Jun
Event is officially announced

Super early bug tickets on sale
Call for papers opened
Nominations opened


28 Jun
Super early bug tickets sold out

Early bug tickets sale starts
Only 100 tickets available


29 Jul
Early bug tickets sold out

Early bug tickets sale ends
Standard bug tickets sale starts


1 Aug
Call for papers ends

Vote for talks starts


15 Aug
Vote for talks ends

QA of the year nominations end


20 Aug
Agenda announced

Vote for QA of the year starts


30 Aug
Sponsorship opportunity ends

Last chance to become sponsor or partner of the conference


24 Sep
Full ticket sale ends

Onsite ticket sale ends
Vote for QA of the Year award ends


2 Oct
QA: Challenge Accepted 007

The big day

Note: Changes of some deadlines are possible.
Discounted tickets are subject of availability.