QA: Challenge Accepted 2024: The Anniversary

An international technical conference for software testing and quality assurance

About The Event

QA: Challenge Accepted is an international full-day single-track conference targeted towards enthusiasts, specialists and managers participating in software testing and software quality assurance. The event is initiated by the QA community in Bulgaria - for professionals from professionals. After nine consecutive years, we would like to welcome you to our anniversary edition on September 28th 2024 in Sofia Tech Park. The conference will feature a diverse range of sessions, and you will learn about a variety of topics for QA professionals from all levels. Expect a lot of surprises and a big 10 year anniversary party. Do not miss QA: Challenge Accepted 2024!


John Atanasoff Forum
Sofia Tech Park
Sofia, Bulgaria


September 28th 2024
Day 272 of Year 2024

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The conferences are held in two consecutive days.

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1 Sep 2024

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Event Schedule

27 Sep 2024 (Friday)

Workshop Day

We have very limited seats (max ~25 people per workshop) for two unique workshops that will happen before the conference days, lead by conference speakers:

Beyond Bug Squashing - Strategies to keep customer engaged

Vipin Jain

Vipin Jain

💼  Head QA and Deliveries @ Metacube Software
✈️  Jaipur, India

No matter if you are a QA, developer, customer support, or PM, as long as you are having product and customers, this workshop is for you! You'll learn how to communicate proactively, gather and utilize customer feedback, and create personalized experiences that delight users. Dive into strategies for building a vibrant community, implementing gamification, and offering exceptional customer support. Walk away with actionable insights and practical tips to keep your customers hooked and satisfied. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your software development process and foster lasting customer relationships—secure your spot today!

People signed: 1/18


Practical Usage of ChatGPT in Software Development (entirely in Bulgarian)

Radoslav Georgiev

Radoslav Georgiev

💼  Co-founder @ HackSoft
✈️  Sofia, Bulgaria

Gain hands-on experience with ChatGPT, learn best practices in software development, and apply them through practical exercises. Don't miss this chance to enhance your skills with direct guidance from an expert—secure your spot today! This workshop will teach you how to utilize ChatGPT effectively in your development process. You'll explore the best practices in software development and gain practical insights through interactive exercises. With an emphasis on more practice, less theory, and real-world applications, this is a unique opportunity presented by the partnership between Hack Bulgaria and Challenge Accepted Events, entirely in the comfort of Bulgarian language. With limited seats available, ensure you sign up early to take advantage of this opportunity.

People signed: 1/18


Fee for one workshop*: 299 BGN  approx. 153 EUR

* Final price. VAT, lunch, and coffee breaks included. Discounts are not applicable for workshops.

28 Sep 2024 (Saturday)


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Come on time, get your badge, and start the day with a tasty morning coffee. We've especially extended the registration so morning enthusiasts can network and check out our sponsor booths first.


👏 Opening ceremony

An official opening with our well-known hosts: Vladislav Violinov and Toni Karabashev.


🎤 QA vs AI: Friends or Foes?

Hashtags: #Technical #AI #Automation #Tools #Manual

Suitability: Junior Regular Senior Management

Everyone talks about AI, and that is why we will start the day with this hot topic. Victor will explore if AI can help us advance faster on our test cases and whether it might eliminate low-level work, enabling QA professionals to focus on the creative side of testing. Furthermore, he will share concrete examples of how AI can improve the test cases quality, a when and where it requires human validation, highlighting the potential and limitations of AI in testing.

Victor Ionascu

Victor Ionascu

💼  R&D Director @ Axway
✈️  Bucharest, Romania

Victor has 15+ years of extensive experience in experimenting, learning from failures, and helping others think outside the box. Currently, he works on integrating multiple products into high-quality solutions at Axway. He has spoken at many international conferences (including QA: Challenge Accepted), sharing his love for eliminating unnecessary tasks and focusing on what truly adds value. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, motorbiking, climbing mountains, and spending time with his three kids.


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🎤 Artificial Intelligence in Analysis of Automation Tests Results

Hashtags: #Technical #AI #Automation #Tools #TestAnalysis #ReportPortal

Suitability: Regular Senior

We already know many use cases of the AI in software testing. But can it also be used for analysis of automation test results? Comparing failures from the previous and current day, checking error consistency, and analyzing new failures manually can be challenging and inefficient. Maroš will share his personal journey with, a tool that uses AI to automate the analysis of test results. His talk will cover why daily analysis is crucial, the benefits of ReportPortal, demonstration and practical examples of its integration with various frameworks.

Maroš Kutschy

Maroš Kutschy

💼  Technical Lead QA @ Ness
✈️  Košice, Slovakia

Maroš is a passionate automation tests developer, and a proud creator of the Jasecu Automation Framework. Specializing in Java, Selenium and Cucumber, he loves guiding colleagues and newcomers into the world of testing. Maroš has spoken at numerous international conferences (such as Testing United in Czech Republic, Nordic Testing Days in Estonia, and HUSTEF in Hungary), sharing his expertise on automation testing, stoicism, and more. Outside work, he enjoys self-improvement books, stoic philosophy, and gym workouts.


🎤 Turning the Tide: Tackling Flaky Tests with Effective Testing

Hashtags: #ProcessLover #TesterTraveller #SoftwareTesting #FlakyTests #QualityAssurance

Suitability: Regular Senior Management

Flaky tests present a major challenge in software development, undermining reliability and stability. Despite rigorous testing processes, teams struggle with the unpredictability of flaky tests, causing delays and frustration. Vipin Jain will discuss a multifaceted approach to tackle flaky tests through consistent test design, early detection mechanisms, and fostering a collaborative culture. This talk will provide key strategies and methodologies to improve the reliability of software testing processes.

Vipin Jain

Vipin Jain

💼  Head QA and Deliveries @ Metacube Software
✈️  Jaipur, India

Vipin Jain has 23 years of experience in the IT industry, with the last 18 years dedicated to Software Quality. He is the Head of QA and Deliveries at Metacube Software, involved in establishing QCE and directing delivery operations. Vipin is an avid speaker and writer, having spoken all across Europe in 50+ conferences, including EuroStar, HUSTEF, ATD, QA&Test, ExpoQA, and TestingUnited to name a few. He loves traveling, and his conference engagements give him the perfect excuse to explore new places. Vipin has 45 published blogs to his credits as well. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge about the Indian film industry and has a knack for logging bugs in the most unusual circumstances.


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🎤 Old Tools, New Tricks: Unleashing the Power of Time-Tested Testing Tools

Hashtags: #technical #Java #Selenium #Karate #CleanCode #Magic

Suitability: Regular Senior Management

In the ever-evolving world of software testing and development, it's easy to get swept up in the allure of shiny new tools and technologies. But what if some of the most effective solutions have been around for decades? Join Benjamin as he dives into the enduring value of timeless testing tools. He'll explore how venerable tools like Selenium, GNU Make, Maven, and Bash continue to be essential assets in modern software development and testing toolkits, demonstrating their adaptability, versatility, and reliability.

Benjamin Bischoff

Benjamin Bischoff

💼  Test Automation Engineer @ trivago N.V.
✈️  Düsseldorf, Germany

Benjamin Bischoff is a Test Automation Engineer (SDET) at trivago N.V. in Düsseldorf, Germany. After spending the first 15 years of his career as a software developer and trainer, he transitioned to test automation in 2016. He focuses on backend and API testing and is the author of "Writing API Tests with Karate". Benjamin maintains open-source projects for Cucumber BDD parallel test execution and reporting. He's a well-known conference speaker and blogger at Outside of work, Benjamin enjoys close-up magic, making computer games, and reminiscing about his first PC, an 80286 with 20MB of hard disk space, where he began his coding journey.


🎤 Road to Selenium 5

Hashtags: #technical #Selenium #Rust #WebDriver #Automation

Suitability: Regular Senior Management

Selenium is an open-source project dedicated to web browser automation, primarily used for end-to-end tests for web applications. Boni García will discuss the upcoming Selenium 5, highlighting features such as Selenium Manager for automated driver and browser management, and the WebDriver bidirectional (BiDi) protocol. He will explain the importance of these features and the role of Selenium in the ecosystem of testing tools and frameworks.

Boni García

Boni García

💼  Associate Professor @ Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
✈️  Madrid, Spain

Boni García is an Associate Professor (with tenure) at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) in Spain. His main research interest is software engineering, focusing on automated testing and open source. Boni is a committer at Selenium and the creator and maintainer of several projects in its ecosystem, such as WebDriverManager, Selenium-Jupiter, and BrowserWatcher. He is the author of "Mastering Software Testing with JUnit 5" and "Hands-On Selenium WebDriver with Java". Boni has published over 50 research papers and frequently speaks at international events. His first computer was a second-hand Amstrad PC-1512, where he began coding in QBasic. You can find more about him at [](


🍔 Lunch with


🎤 QA and DevOps: A Journey of Growth, Mistakes, and Learning

Hashtags: #social #thereIsNoFormerQA #testTheWorld #deployTheWorld #imHereForTheBeer

Suitability: Regular Senior Management

Are you a QA engineer or a developer eager to explore new horizons in the tech world? Join Nedko Hristov as he shares his journey of growth, integrating QA skills into a DevOps framework. In this session, you'll learn what DevOps truly involves, the motivations behind Nedko's career path, and the valuable lessons he’s gathered along the way. Discover practical insights, essential tools, and strategies to enhance your role in QA or DevOps. This talk is designed for quality assurance engineers, developers, and tech enthusiasts alike, showcasing how QA expertise can significantly contribute to and thrive within DevOps. Nedko's story emphasizes the synergy between QA and DevOps, inspiring you to leverage your skills for broader professional development, and continuous learning, while openly discussing the mistakes made and lessons learned throughout his career.

Nedko Hristov

Nedko Hristov

💼  DevOps Engineer @ TINQIN
✈️  Varna, Bulgaria

Nedko Hristov is passionate about quality in all its forms. He started hundreds of years ago in IT and has plenty of stories to share, like the perils of doing a live performance testing demo or deployments on Fridays. His experience spans from QA and System Administration to Cloud and DevOps engineering. Currently focused on fixing, rebuilding and automating mid to large systems, Nedko draws motivation from success stories that often begin with "Guys, let's see how this works". He loves to share his knowledge and has a "getting things done" attitude. However, he does not enjoy deleting databases in production (been there, done that). Nedko has attended conferences like QA: Challenge Accepted, Dev.BG, ISTA, and numerous local meetups. A full-time father of two, he is also a randonneur and lecturer in his free time. Remembers jiggling around on his first computer - a 80286 with 2 MB of RAM and 40MB of hard drive running MS-DOS 6.22.


🎤 Welcome to Management! - Tips & Tricks for Junior Leaders

Hashtags: #Testing #Tea #Tolkien

Suitability: Regular Senior Management

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Am I ready to master the challenges to come?’ Andrea Jensen will share her journey into management, highlighting the unexpected challenges and valuable lessons she learned along the way. She will provide practical tips and tricks for first-time managers, using real-life examples to illustrate the day-to-day work of a QA Manager. This talk is perfect for tech professionals aspiring to management roles and junior managers seeking guidance.

Andrea Jensen

Andrea Jensen

💼  Tester & QA Manager @ Navis
✈️  Flensburg, Germany

Andrea Jensen began her tech career by chance in 2011 and has worked as a tester ever since. In 2023, she took on a leadership role, embracing the challenges it brought. Known for her dry humor and straightforwardness, Andrea has spoken at numerous conferences like Agile Testing Days, EuroStar, and ExpoQA. She is proud of completing her master's degree in business informatics while working full-time. Outside of work, she enjoys tea and the works of Tolkien. Andrea's career includes roles at Swiss Life Deutschland and tecis Finanzdienstleistungen AG. She is a RiskStorming Online Instructor and has received certifications such as the Enact Emerging Leader Experience.


🍺 Beer Break with


🎤 Discussion Panel: QA in the Last Decade - Past Lessons and Future Visions

Four leading and well-known QA professionals from Bulgaria will reflect on the past decade of quality assurance - globally and locally. The panelists will share their insights on significant changes, challenges faced, and future trends in the QA sector. Join the discussion and learn from their extensive experience in technical hands-on work, writing books, conducting trainings and courses, managing and growing people...

Aleksandar Karamfilov

Aleksandar Karamfilov

💼  Director of QA @ Kiteworks
💼  Founder/Trainer @ Pragmatic
Anton Angelov

Anton Angelov

💼  Visionary Leader & CTO of Automate The Planet
💼  BELLATRIX Framework Creator
Dimitar Topuzov

Dimitar Topuzov

💼  QA Architect @ Progress
Nikolay Stanoev

Nikolay Stanoev

💼  QA Architect @ Merkle Bulgaria



Lightning talks are a type of presentation format where speakers are given a short amount of time, five minutes or less, to present a topic or idea. If you want to speak from our stage, you will have the opportunity to do so and share your insights and ideas with a larger audience. You will be able to sign up during the event. While we try to leave the format as free as possible, consider short talks (max 5 min), English language and our code of conduct policy.


🍺 Beer Break with


🎤 Challenges Accepted and Lessons Learned: A 10-Year Retrospective in Organizing QA Conferences

Hashtags: #Storytelling #Retrospective #Events_Organizing #Social #Fun

Suitability: Junior Regular Senior Management

After 10 years of organizing QA: Challenge Accepted, Peter is finally given the chance to speak at his own conference! Don't miss this one and only opportunity to see Peter sharing the funny and crazy stories from the "kitchen of Challenge Accepted" during the past years. From the wild idea that started after several drinks, via bad logo designs, famous rabbit videos, a catchy theme song, to the point how all of these turned into one of the biggest QA conferences on the Balkans. Join us for a fun, beer-filled talk about the challenges, lessons, and victories over the years.

Peter Sabev

Peter Sabev

💼  CEO @ Webbicus Ltd.
💼  Director of Engineering @
📌️ Sofia, Bulgaria

Peter has been a developer, a tech writer, and a project lead since 2005, but most of his experience is dedicated to QA, where he climbed the entire career ladder from Junior QA to CEO of his own consulting company. He is co-founder of Challenge Accepted Events and often called "the father of QA: Challenge Accepted". Peter has played a crucial role for the QA community in Bulgaria - speaking at many conferences, leading workshops, and training hundreds of people at universities and companies, including a specialized QA course for blind individuals and educating unemployed people during COVID. Currently, Peter is Director of Engineering at, where he manages frontend and backend development, DevOps, and QA teams at this successful startup recently acquired by IBM. He is also happily married, dad of two plus ginger cat, traveler, blogger, photographer, and a junior motorbiker.


👏 Closing Ceremony


🎂 A Break Before the Afterparty


🎉 Afterparty


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29 Sep 2024 (Sunday)

DEV: Challenge Accepted


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QA: Challenge Accepted 2024 - The Anniversary

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