QA: Challenge Accepted - a software testing conference from professionals for professionals


QA: Challenge Accepted is a conference targeted towards enthusiasts, specialists and managers participating in software testing and software quality assurance. The event is initiated by the QA community in Bulgaria - for professionals from professionals.
The seventh conference edition will take place in Sofia Tech Park, as well as online.
You are invited.

Date: 2 Oct 2021 (Saturday)

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

What to expect

John Atanasoff Forum, Sofia Tech Park, Sofia, Bulgaria
What to expect from QA: Challenge Accepted

Single conference track means that you will be able to attend all of the lectures without having to worry that you can miss something interesting. Everything happens in the main hall. Still, there are plenty of other things to do around.

Distinguished speakers and topics are carefully chosen by the organizing commitee. Some of the best professionals in the sector will present interesting and actual problems in QA (as well as their solutions) with real, practical usage.

Work & fun combined means exactly that! It has been proven that people learn better when they have fun. Thus, besides the technical part of the conference you can expect interesting games and raffles, awards and surprises, and many more.

Afterparty will be held immediately after the official closing of the conference, so reserve some time for a few beers, joyful conversations and endless opportunities for networking. You definitely don't want to miss it.

A short video from the last year's edition:


Important: As a result of the regulations from the Bulgarian Health Ministry, only fully vaccinated, tested and recovered from COVID-19 participants will be admitted onsite, providing a valid EU Digital Certificate or compatible document. See this chart for the details, or contact us if in doubt:
Instructions for onsite control during the conference

Tickets are no longer on sale.

Q: What about COVID-19?
A: We did it in 2020. We will do it in 2021, too. We are much better prepared now and already consider all the options: inside, outside and even entirely online event if needed. Anyway, we see Europe reopening in the summer and are optimists about the event.

Q: What if I buy a full ticket and cannot come onsite?
A: You will be able to participate online, and we will also deliver all the conference swag and presents to you anywhere in the EU. We had many logistic problems with our friends and colleagues from Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, so if you are located there, we advise you to purchase the online ticket and upgrade just before the event.

Q: Can I get a refund if needed?
A: Yes, our cancellation policy for tickets is as follows (no matter the reason):
95% of the amount paid back when refund is requested before September 1st.
50% of the amount paid back when refund is requested between September 1st and September 15th.
No refund if you decide to cancel on September 16th or later.

Q: Can I get a discount?
A: Yes, discount is automatically applied when you buy more tickets in the same order. You can also enter a promo code or your QA: Challenge Accepted Club card id to get a discount. If you want discount for combined online and onsite tickets, or really big order, just drop us an email. The address is just below.

Q: I have an online ticket. Can I upgrade to full ticket?
A: Yes, as long as it is before September 16th, and we have seats remaining. Drop us an email and we will tell you what to do. The address is just below.

Q: I have an additional question.
A: And we are happy to answer it. Write to for more information.


  09:00-09:30 Login
  09:30-09:50 Official opening
  09:50-10:20 When start-up meets quality... A short story of QA agent

You cannot just face exactly the same problem again joining the new company, can you? This rule however does not apply to the start-up environment. Dawid has worked for three different start-ups so far, always getting on board with a clear mission in mind - to increase the value of the product by building a proper quality mindset and culture within the whole organization. The companies differed in almost every aspect: industry, structure, maturity, business approach and technological advancement. The one and only thing in common always was a single tester clicking for a few years already. During that time, the companies were growing and scaling up. A gateway to disaster! And here is how the story begins. Dawid will share his story of becoming a change agent of Quality Assurance: the mistakes made, the lessons learned and the solutions implemented, in a nutshell.

Dawid Pacia

Dawid Pacia
Test Automation Manager at Brainly (Krakow, Poland)

Dawid describes himself as 1/3 QA, 1/3 Python, 1/3 Lead. Dawid is also a tech freak following all the newest technologies (and implementing them on his own). Fan of the Agile approach to project management and products, Dawid leads and supports a wonderful QA team, actively speaks (and travels) around the world (combining both passions). Dawid is also an organizer and originator of the first regular Ukrainian QA meetup - “UkrainQA”. He has already spoken at the previous edition of QA: Challenge Accepted. Last, but not least: Dawid is a big cat lover!

  10:20-10:40 Coffee break


  10:40-11:10 Cutting edge technologies in automated testing

We will continue with Anton, and he will brief us about many of the most modern solutions for visualizing test results and executing tests in Docker containers. Also, we will review many framework integrations with cloud cognitive services which use machine learning ML and artificial intelligence AI. Finally, we will review how to use them for testing hard otherwise functionalities such as PDFs or videos. The demos will include testing of voice, optical character recognition OCR, and others.

Anton Angelov

Anton Angelov
CTO at Automate the Planet Ltd. & Inventor of BELLATRIX (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Anton Angelov is CTO and co-founder of Automate The Planet, inventor of BELLATRIX Test Automation Framework, and author of books about best practices for high-quality test automation. He consults companies, leads a team of automation QA engineers, and provides automated testing trainings. In addition, he gives many conference talks, keynotes, and workshops around the globe. His articles are read in 180+ countries and have millions of views each year. Lastly, Anton strives to motivate the QA community to share knowledge, participate in donations and green initiatives.

  11:10-11:30 Coffee break


  11:30-12:00 Selenium 4 - new features, impact and migration plans

Nikolay is going to reveal what are the latest changes in Selenium 4, what their impact is, and last but not least - how and when to do the migration from earlier version. During the talk there will also be a comparison between direct driver implementation (ChromeDriver / FirefoxDriver / etc.) vs. RemoteWebDriver implementation.

Nikolay Stanoev

Nikolay Stanoev
QA Architect at Isobar (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Nikolay is a QA Architect at Isobar, having 12+ years of experience at the IT sector. For the last 8 years he is responsible for building automation frameworks from scratch by supporting the needs and the high demand of the ecommerce sector, working for the world's biggest sports apparel producer – adidas.

  12:00-12:20 Coffee break


  12:20-12:55 The bug is not enough!

Imagine a project with 200+ defects, 1000+ tests, no clear architecture map and almost no knowledge over the product. How can we find the most impacted areas by our developments for a milestone/service? How many tests should we run for each impacted area? If we have automated tests, shall we execute manual tests, too? Victor has a personal story to tell that will give us the answers to all of these questions, and can become a guideline in creating a better test strategy.

Victor Ionascu

Victor Ionascu
Engineering Manager at Axway (Bucharest, Romania)

Victor is passionate about testing for 12+ years. During that period he had the chance to experiment many approaches and fail quite often. The good part of the failure is that you learn a lot of things, and this helped Victor to organize better the process around the quality topics. Victor is currently working on integrating multiple products into a viable solution with a very good level of quality. In addition to this, Victor has already spoken at many international conferences. Outside his job he likes enjoying a glass of wine after a good hike, or a cold beer near the seaside.

  12:55-13:40 Lunch sponsored by nuvei - Payment Technology Partner


  13:40-14:10 Code-driven load testing with k6 Framework

Load and performance testing aims to determine whether software meets speed, scalability and stability requirements under expected workloads. Old school performance testing tools like Apache JMeter are complex and heavy and are not well aligned with the modern QA automation and continuous integration trends. In this talk Svetlin will present and demonstrate the "k6 framework" - a modern open-source load testing tool, which describes the load tests as JavaScript code. The k6 tool is very powerful, high-performance and developer-friendly. It allows load testing of Web apps and APIs, accessed through the HTTP protocol. Svetlin will also demonstrate how to install and use k6, how to run its test recorder, how to edit the recorded scripts at the k6 cloud and how to write k6 scripts in JavaScript (execute HTTP requests, write checks, define thresholds), and execute the scripts with certain number of virtual users for certain duration.

Svetlin Nakov

Svetlin Nakov
Co-Founder, Innovation and Inspiration Manager at SoftUni (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Dr. Svetlin Nakov is a passionate software engineer, inspirational technical trainer and tech entrepreneur, with 20+ years of experience in a broad range of programming languages, software technologies and platforms. He has also been a speaker at hundreds of events, an author of 12 tech books and trainer of 50 000+ tech students in software engineering and digital skills. Svetlin is co-founder of several highly successful tech startups and non-profit organizations. Currently, he is innovation and inspiration manager at SoftUni - the largest tech education provider in South-Eastern Europe. In the last year he specializes in QA automation and CI tools.

  14:10-14:30 Coffee break


  14:30-15:00 Superagent reveals V&V process implemented in supercar. Done!

Have you ever started a car engine remotely? Not yet? Then let’s see how easily you can run the engine of a vehicle situated at Sofia Tech Park from Germany, for example! The presentation traces how the standard process has been automated and upgraded with an implemented real car in place of a simulated one. The goal is to test the software as quickly and closely as possible in a real car, from the test engineer's and user's perspective. Pavel will share his experience and will also make a demonstration on how a real prototype car is transforming into a device under test.

Pavel Hubenov

Pavel Hubenov
Senior Test Engineer at Bosch (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Pavel Hubenov is one of the recognized team leaders at Bosch Engineering Center Sofia, responsible for a team of experienced automation test engineers, working on continuous testing on test benches and cars. Currently he is a PhD student with several published technical articles based on CPLD projects and a leading volunteer trainer for robotics at the Minyo Balkansky Foundation for children aged between 10 and 18. His passion for cars and testing, as well as his solid experience and knowledge in the automotive domain inspired him to find a way to involve a real car into the V&V process as a fully functional test bench solution. What is more, in his spare time Pavel is turning his home into a modern and smart system by developing his own IoT devices automated with Arduino.

  15:00-15:25 Testing multilingual website as a user but non-speaker

This talk will focus on approaching the problem of testing a mutating website on a higher level. Vihren will also answer several questions: How to skip the fake positive tests? How to sleep calmly knowing the translations are good? And how to keep an eye and automatically ensure that the increasing number of translations are still good - one by one and all together.

Vihren Ganev

Vihren Ganev
CTO at 1ForFit (Ruse, Bulgaria)

Vihren has 10+ years of experience in Computer Information Systems, E-business and E-governance. Currently he is a CTO at 1FF - a global digital marketing company born and raised in Bulgaria. The company operates in the fast-moving, challenging and ever-changing health and nutrition market. Vihren's IT team manages to beat expectations and deliver more than expected. Vihren is also passionate about scripting languages like PHP and JavaScript.

  15:25-15:45 Coffee break


  15:45-16:20 Continuous testing for mature continuous delivery

Alexander is going to tell us more about his understanding of the new normal and how to adapt it to our work. How we can build a mature CI/CD process covering high-quality development and delivery through implemented continuous testing process that covers both functional and non-functional requirements. He will give us some good directions on how we can increase our confidence in the testing and delivery process and potentially how we can use test automation, as well as automation for different purposes such as process and operational improvements.

Alexander Velinov

Alexander Velinov
Head of Testing at Endava (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Alexander is passionate about software development and delivery, as well as every single aspect related to how we build, deliver, support, and continuously improve any type of software and embedded solutions. He is currently accountable to develop the testing discipline in Endava Bulgaria, and accordign to him he is currently working with some of the best QA engineers he has ever met. He believes in the people and the technologies, and the fact that our IT community depends on every single IT professional to be the best they can be, and to continue growing together with the brightest engineers.

  16:20-16:40 QA - Misunderstood Demiurge and Team Psychologist

During the lightning talks of the last year's edition of QA: Challenge Accepted, some people shared that they were not feeling well and how they got away from their work. Teodora wants to justify the significant place of the QA in SDLC and in the team. She will share her experience that helped her to become a full member of the team for two years: the way to deepen knowledge and skills to contribute for improving the quality of the software we produce, and what psychological knowledge to have and apply, so that the work with the other members of the team is efficient and effective. Teodora's experience as a philosopher and a teacher helps her to have a better view of the product being developed, on one hand, and on the other hand, to better understand the working atmosphere. So, she can share her experience on how to become a better QA and how to improve mutual work with developers.

Teodora Nikolova

Teodora Nikolova
Test Analyst at Innovative Lab Ltd. (Sofia, Bulgaria)

"Teodora Nikolova is a Test Analyst in Innovative Lab Ltd., and has 3+ years of experience as Manual QA Engineer. As a philosopher by education and a teacher by chance, she can say that QA is not a job. It is a vocation where the fundamental questions (for the reason, knowledge, etc.) meet the technical and psychological knowledge and communication skills, to evolve into a passion for improving the quality of the software. Outside her job Teodora likes mountain running, but as an ITTF certified coach in table tennis she manages to restart, tech and learn.

  16:40-17:00 Beer break


  17:00-17:40 How to fake testing like a Pro

Aren’t you tired of countless hours where you have to work your abs off? The never-ending need to constantly prove, evolve, and improve your skill set? Isn’t it a pain and an annoyance that you have to always be diligent, knowledgeable and accountable for your work and testing all the time... and work hard... 8 hours a day, 5 days a week!? Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was an easier way? And there is! Viktor will present us the ground-breaking, eye-opening, mind-shifting, paradigm-shattering concept of “How to fake testing like a Pro”, a revolutionary framework that will teach you how to hack your working style and fake your testing job in a way that will make it appear as if you are the most performing tester in the team without breaking a sweat. You will have to only invest little to none effort to maintain it, and the results will be mind-blowing. You will be “The next big star” on the team, you will probably even get a promotion. All of that with no time, effort or money invested. You will have all of your free time to invest in more valuable activities such as: drinking coffee with friends and colleagues, browsing 9GAG and cat videos on Youtube, arguing with random people on social media and playing Heartstone while on the toilet seat. Join Viktor in the last talk, and he will change your life and career forever!

Viktor Slavchev

Viktor Slavchev
Senior Member of Technical Staff and E2E Automation Engineer at VMWare (Sofia, Bulgaria)

"Viktor is an unorthodox software testing thinker with a context driven mindset. He's a tester, blogger, teacher and conference speaker. During the past few years, he delivered various talks at various international tech conferences, including QA: Challenge Accepted. His talk "Worst" Practices in Software Testing was listed among the 20 most viewed videos of all time on Ministry of Testing dojo platform. Viktor also teaches software testing in a local academy called Pragmatic, on topics related to exploratory testing, oracles and parafunctional testing.

  17:40-18:00 Beer break
  18:00-18:40 Lightning talks
  18:40-18:50 QA of the Year Award
  18:50-19:00 Closing Ceremony: Raffle and prizes from our sponsors
  19:00-19:10 Grab a cocktail and join the afterparty sponsored by Milestone


Boyko Nedyalkov

19:10-21:00 Afterparty: Stand up comedy show with Boyko Nedyalkov
(in Bulgarian)

Thanks to Milestone, after we have officially closed the event, we will continue to celebrate with the stand up comedian Boyko Nedyalkov while enjoying some special cocktails. Boyko Nedyalkov (aka PlayBoyko) is the alleged Rich Forister from Kostinbrod. Born at a very young age in the city, he started doing standup in 2015. His favorite topics are black humor and his unfortunate love life. He says his inspirations are comedians like Robin Williams, Dylan Moran and Volen Siderov.
The party will continue even after Boyko gets off the stage with many possibilities for networking and conversation.


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