What is QA: Challenge Accepted?

QA: Challenge Accepted is a conference targeted towards enthusiasts, specialists and managers participating in software testing and software quality assurance. The event is initiated by the QA community in Bulgaria - for professionals from professionals. After the successful first edition in 2015, QA: Challenge Accepted 2.0 is going to be even bigger, even more inspiring and hopefully even better which will give you an opportunity for new knowledge, skills, contacts, ideas and approaches, while we preserve our fundamental principles

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Time 26 March 2016
Opening ceremony of QA: Challenge Accepted 2.0

Svetlana Mukhina

Role of Quality Assurance Specialist on Agile Project
Svetlana Mukhina (Kiev, Ukraine)  (in English)

In Agile we value collaboration, continuous improvement, embracement of changes, regular feedback and working software that brings value to users. Models and approaches will be discussed with focus on how quality assurance specialist can be a true member of Agile team.

Svetlana Mukhina has over 13 years of experience in the IT industry and is currently focused on project auditing and process transformations, personal coaching and mentoring for managers and Scrum masters. She loves turning the daily routine into an inspiration.

Nikolay Kolev

How to Ensure High Quality Before Testing
Nikolay Kolev
What tools are useful for QA at the lowest software levels? How can Git and its workflow can contribute to a better product? Introducing Stash plugins, hooks and other tools. Integration between Git, Stash, Jenkins and SonarQube for high quality through static analysis, comparison between the source and target branches, unit tests and reviews done before the code reaches test environment.

Nikolay Kolev has a significant experience with development of web applications. Since his university student years he works as a QA Automation Engineer, and soon he also takes on the role of a DevOps Engineer, where he performs a wide spectrum of activities related to virtualization, integration and automation. Nikolay values software quality, calm life and cold beer.

Lyudmil Latinov

Performance Тesting with Gatling
Lyudmil Latinov
We will start with a bit of theory on performance testing and its different nuances and we will then continue with a short introduction of Gatling, its strengths and weaknesses as well as how to record a simple test scenario and to analyse the results from it, after which we will deep dive into the details of real life about Gatling’s API, how to make queries and process the responses as well as series of other practical problems.

Lyudmil Latinov has worked as a QA specialist for 11 years already, four of which (the most exciting ones!) he worked mostly on automation and he claims that he has accepted his work as his hobby ever since. He is constantly improving and he believes that automation is the only natural evolution of the QA profession as well as of the software industry as a whole.

Slavy Slavov

UX/Usability Testing and Its Impact
Slavy Slavov
Good design and usability are important factors for the success of a given business and they contribute to higher customer loyalty, better product and more revenue. We will look into real situations and we will learn to test with a more business-oriented focus

Slavy Slavov has over 15 years of management experience in companies such as OrderDynamics and Experian - in the latter he was responsible for the entire QA department with teams in Bulgaria, Monaco, the UK and Malaysia. Today Slavy is one of the creators of Equafy - a tool for automated cross-browser testing.

Evgeni Kostadinov

Back Door Manipulation - API Layer
Evgeni Kostadinov
The main topic of the presentation are GUI tests and their speed, reliability and maintenance. Even with the entire assistance of DevOps on the infrastructure (like containers and virtual machines) testing the presentation layer requires considerable effort in order to bring real value to the product. As we are striving for successful builds on our Continuous Delivery Pipeline, there is no room for fragile or slow software.

Evgeni Kostadinov prefers challenges related to testing with different technologies. He also believes that compromises made with quality are paid for in time. Right now he is a QA Lead, as well as a lecturer in a course on automated testing.

Bozhidar Boshnakov

How and why we need to use Behat
Bozhidar Boshnakov
What is BDD, Gherkin, Behat, Mink and how these all can be combined? Why should we choose these tools for automation instead of others, even more popular ones? All of the theory in the talk will be illustrated with a chosen set of real-life examples.

Bozhidar Boshnakov is a QA Manager and as a person who has coded for years and is currently developing a very technical team, he has found the Golden mean between QA and developer. He also worked on some of the biggest Drupal projects on a global scale. Bozhidar believes in BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) and in the fact that being a QA specialist is the most interesting and complex job in IT.

Niels Sander Christensen

Model Based Testing, A Practical Example
Niels Sander Christensen (Copenhagen, Denmark)  (in English)

It is often necessary to test a new feature in a lot of configurations and flows. Model based testing can provide auto-generated tests for all of these variations, and through the sheer number of tests, also serve as a measurement of stability. We will demonstrate in practice using NModel, while also going through some theory, pitfalls and an alternative tool. "

After some years as a developer Niels managed the QA department in the startup company Beologic. He stayed in that position several years, and then went to Microsoft for 10 years, mostly acting as a test lead. In recent years he has gone back to development, testing and test automation, concentrating on specifics instead of management.

Dilyana Totseva
Georgi Ivanov

How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Fully Automated SuperPhone
Dilyana Totseva and Georgi Ivanov

We will learn how to easily write automated test scenarios for Android and iOS using Cucumber and how such frameworks can help overcome the gap between the technical and non-technical members of the team. In other words, we will perform the following test: GIVEN I am a Super QA, WHEN I write my tests using Calabash THEN they never fail.

Dilyana Totseva is a QA Lead and she always strives to apply the best practices in testing, while during recent times she is focused on QA of mobile applications. Her personal goal is building a team of motivated people with experience and knowledge who can find even the most well-hidden defects.

Georgi is a Senior Automation QA with more than 7 years of expertise in the field of automated testing for Mobile, Web and SOAP/REST services. He likes to share his knowledge and he expresses that by establishing courses and trainings for automated testing.
 Show: Impro-Talk

The less you know, the funnier it will be :-)
 Lightning talks
Series of short presentations up to 5 minutes:
  1.   Testing IoT - Hristo Gergov
  2.    Hello World QA Challenge - Alexander Todorov
  3.    1000 Bugs - Borislav Traykov
  4.     The Hidden Wisdom of the Testing Troll - Viktor Slavchev
  5.   How do they bear you? - Vasil Tabakov
  6.   What makes release of mobile apps different? - Dimitar Topuzov
  7.   For CVs, interviews, companies and gentle IT professionals - Milen Strahiniski
  8.   About improvising - Toni Karabashev

Closing ceremony
 QA after-party


Петър Събев

Peter Sabev
QA Manager

Peter is a veteran in Informatics Olympiads and currently a QA Manager. He has been a developer, documentation writer, technical support and project manager, but his passion lies in testing in its most complicated forms. He believes in Santa Claus, aliens and that a really good QA should be able to understand the project and be able to code just as well as any regular developer.

Яна Петрова

Yana Petrova
Events Organizer and Marketer

Yana is a marketing, advertisement and event management expert and coordinator of many IT events near and far - among them are OpenFest, IT Tour and, you guessed it, QA: Challenge Accepted. She has a blog, loves to cook, to learn Ruby and to optimize everything. She is exceptionally good with budgets, strategies, processes and home-made cakes.

Бояна Бонева

Boyana Boneva
Software QA Test Engineer

Boyana wears dark clothes, drinks dark beer and believes in the brighter future. She graduated in philosophy, went through HR, B2B sales, B2C sales and ended up with her favourite abbreviation - QA. Ever since then she is best friends with Java and Selenium and she spars with each of them every morning before the daily stand-up.

Борислав Трайков

Borislav Traykov
QA & Test Automation Lead

Borislav has written code at all levels: DB, middle-tier, in the basement, on the roof and on the middle floor. He has calmed infuriated customers because of poorly-tested software, has had reckoned about quality and had dealings with developers, architects and managers. He decided that this cannot go any longer, took things into his own hands and for five years has been testing, automating and optimizing software and processes.

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