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The Building Blocks of Agile

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13th March 2020

(Friday, the day before the conference)

Metropolitan Hotel

64 Tsarigradsko shose Blvd.,
Sofia, Bulgaria

199 BGN
(~102 EUR)

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The Workshop

Agile Software Development has been officially around for almost two decades now, yet surprisingly many organizations still face challenges with embracing its ways. As simply as the idea(l)s in the Manifesto have been laid out, a successful implementation of Agile principles require solid engineering practices, a collaborative culture, supportive management, strong sponsorship, and proper guidance. To top it off, many crucial practices seem counter-intuitive at first – pair programming is “a waste”, WIP limits are “inefficient”, TDD is “backwards”, developers doing QA is “blasphemous”, and staff liquidity is “just plain stupid”. Those who haven’t experienced true agility may be tempted to think “this won’t work for us” or even “this can’t possibly work”, and those who have can never go back to their old ways.

If you would like to see how these superbly beneficial, yet often misunderstood practices improve the agility of a team, then come join us in a game of Lego® to find out. Some of the concepts we’ll explore include pair programming, concurrent development, deep (I-shaped) vs. broad (T-shaped) skillsets, developer testing, automated testing, technical debt, cycle time, feedback loops, staff liquidity, WIP limits, and metrics. There will be no computers in sight, and not a line of code will be written – just a ton of Lego® bricks and a lot of fun. This is a full day workshop.

The Trainer

Peter Popov
Peter Popov is in the IT industry for two decades, and for the last one he has transformed different tech companies, with deep focus in the implementation and application of Agile methodologies. Peter has successful experience in companies such as Cisco, Skyscanner, OSI, SumUp and others. He has developed a number of methods and tools for implementing and scaling Agile.

Peter has also delivered talks, lectures, courses and workshops on numerous Agile and Lean topics at meetups, conferences, university courses and businesses, and he is challenging you to join his workshop and discuss the different approaches for making the different software development processes better.


There is no strict agenda for this workshop, as team work and ideas generation will be encouraged. Anyway, here are some key points in the workshop:

  • Waterfall to Lean - teamwork simulation, a LEGO Game where each participant is given tasks according to their skills and competences
  • Pair/swarm programming
  • T-Shaped vs. I-Shaped people
  • Silos and the not-my-job syndrome
  • The test early paradigm
  • TDD and effect on quality, lead time, and rework
  • Automation testing (effect on quality, lead time and rework)
  • WIP limit vs. multitasking, pull systems, one-piece flow (stop starting, start finishing)
  • Effect on cycle time on unexpected events and responding to change
  • Useful metrics and how to get the most of them (planning, predictability)
  • Lots of discussions and practical examples
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You will learn to:
  • Improve your own efficiency and the efficiency of your team
  • Make that theoretical stuff "work in your company" at last
  • How to improve the software quality from testing perspective
  • What to measure and how to get the most of the metrics
  • Deal with unexpected changes, rework, risk management, etc.


This workshop is suitable for you if:
  • You have some experience in Agile
  • You have any leadership responsibilites, or you are a scrum master or product owner
  • You are none of these but still willing to improve your software development process

The Venue Metropolitan hall

In addition to the wonderful workshop content you will get:

  • 3 coffee breaks
  • A tasty lunch in the wonderful Metropolitan hotel atmosphere
  • Free wi-fi internet access
  • A certificate for completing the workshop
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