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Exploratory Testing

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2nd October 2020


Metropolitan Hotel

64 Tsarigradsko shose Blvd.,
Sofia, Bulgaria

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The Workshop

This full day workshop teaches testers the basics of Exploratory Testing and how to apply it in your testing processes. We will define what Exploratory Testing is, investigate the different approaches further, and also show the benefits from this testing type. We will also look at some practical techniques and tools you can use when doing exploratory testing. This is a practical and hands on full day class. As the workshop is entirely oriented towards exercises and real-world scenarios and examples, you should bring your laptop.

The Trainer

Peter Sabev
Peter Sabev has 20+ years experience in IT and 15+ in QA. He has climbed the whole career ladder from Junior QA to CEO of software testing consulting company. He is also one of the main organizers of QA: Challenge Accepted. Peter has experience in variety of projects and companies, covering not only QA, but also project management, agile and non-agile development, documentation and support. He has been using exploratory testing in his daily work for years, and will share some cool tricks and tools with you.


The workshop will focus on the following aspects of Exploratory Testing:

  • Understanding the basic approaches in Exploratory Testing
  • How to recognize bugs without having requirements
  • Charters in Session Based Testing
  • Pair Based Exploratory Testing
  • State & Transition diagrams and State & Transition tables
  • Table of feature dependencies (technique developed personally by the trainer)
  • Persona Based Testing
  • 6 Thinking Hats in Exploratory Testing
  • Reporting in Exploratory Testing to your Managers
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You will learn:
  • What is Exploratory testing, how and when to use it
  • Techniques in Exploratory Testing
  • How to improve your tester skills and abilities
  • How to know when to stop Exploratory Testing
  • How to encourage customers on Exploratory Testing
  • Basic tools for applying Exploratory Testing on your projects even easier


This workshop is suitable for you if:
  • You are software tester, test lead or manager, or even developer who wants to learn the basic concepts of Exploratory testing
  • You want to improve your working process by adding exploratory testing as additional technique in your team and testing process
  • You are looking for a way to improve your defect detection ratio

The Venue Metropolitan hall

In addition to the wonderful workshop content you will get:

  • 3 coffee breaks
  • A tasty lunch in the wonderful Metropolitan hotel atmosphere
  • Free wi-fi internet access
  • A certificate for completing the workshop
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