QA: Challenge Accepted - a software testing conference from professionals for professionals

QA: Challenge Accepted 6.0 starts in:


14 March 2020
(The Pi Day)


John Atanasoff Forum
Sofia Tech Park
Sofia, Bulgaria


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About QA: Challenge Accepted

QA: Challenge Accepted is a conference targeted towards enthusiasts, specialists and managers participating in software testing and software quality assurance. The event is initiated by the QA community in Bulgaria - for professionals from professionals.

After five successful editions, QA: Challenge Accepted 6.0 will bring you more enjoyable experiences and the opportunity to obtain new knowledge, skills, contacts, ideas and approaches, while remaining true to our core principles:

A single presentation track

You will be able to attend all of the lectures without having to worry that you can miss out on a topic that you find interesting.

Distinguished presenters and topics

Some of the best professionals in the sector will present interesting and actual problems in QA (as well as their solutions) with real, practical usage.

Work and fun combined

Besides the technical part of the conference, you can expect show, games and surprises.


After the end of the event we will gather for a few beers, joyful conversations and endless opportunities for networking.

Tickets and prices

Super Early Bug

The fastest always win!
129 лв. (~ 66 EUR)
  • VAT included
  • a very limited number of tickets at this price
  • more than 35% off the standard price

Early Bug

Early bug is fixed earlier!
169 лв. (~ 87 EUR)
  • VAT included
  • a limited number of tickets at this price
  • more than 15% off the standard price

Standard Bug

Better late than never!
199 лв. (~ 102 EUR)
  • VAT included
  • regular price
  • subject of availability
  • discounts available when paying via wire bank transfer for 5+ tickets

for additional info or group tickets, please contact us at .

You can also:

Become a speaker

and talk from our stage about methodology, technology, tool or anything else that will be interesting for QA professionals
Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer

and become part of our great team who organizes the conference. We require that volunteers speak both English and Bulgarian.
Nominate for the QA Award

Nominate for the QA Award

someone who has been extraordinary QA professional during the last year: your boss, your subordinates, your peers, or even yourself!
Subscribe for news

Subscribe for news

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No agenda yet but we are already preparing a very cool one. Here is our


1 November 2019

Event announced

Super Early Bug tickets are on sale.
Call for speakers, sponsors, volunteers.
Nominations for QA Award are opened.


15 November 2019

Super Early Bug sale ends

Early Bug tickets are on sale.


1 December 2019

Early bug sale ends

Standard Bug tickets are on sale.


10 January 2020

Call for speakers ends

Last chance to apply as a speaker.


15 January 2020

Agenda announced

The conference agenda becomes public.
Our cause is announced.
You can reserve a T-Shirt.


20 January 2020

QA Award nominations end

You can nominate a worthy QA professional up to this date.


15 February 2020

Sponsorship opportunity ends

Deadline to become a sponsor or partner of the event.
Limited sponsor slots available.


20 February 2020

Volunteer opportunity ends

Deadline to become a a volunteer.
Also deadline to reserve a T-Shirt.


6 March 2020

Ticket sale ends

Last chance to purchase a ticket for the event.
Tickets are subject of availability.
Also deadline to vote for the QA Award.


14 March 2020

QA: Challenge Accepted 6.0

The big day of the event.